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Editorial Make your own moon sand

Posted on 11 May by

A great way to help to build imagination and learn about colours

If you’re looking for new inspiration to keep the kids entertained, making your very own moon sand is a must on the daily activity list.

For those who 
may be wondering what moon sand is, it’s great for sensory learning and creative play, while being super easy to make at homeThe result is a mix between play dough and sand, making it perfect for little (or big!) hands to mould and build with

Everything you need can easily be found in the kitchen cupboard at home. We’ve made ours with vegetable oil to ensure there’s no harm should little ones decide they may want to taste! However, baby or coconut oil could also be used. 

To make moon sand, mix in the 1:8 ratio – that is one cup of oil to eight cups of flour. 

What you'll need:


  • All-purpose flour

  • Vegetable oil

  • Oil based food colouring or powder food colouring – if you’d like to make yours bright!

  • Measuring cups

  • A bowl for mixing

  • A sensory tub or another surface outdoors for playing


If you wanted to make different coloured moon sand, we suggest 2 cups of flour per colour, with a quarter cup of vegetable oil. The more food colouring you add, the deeper the colour result. 

All you need to do is mix up the ingredients well, until all oil is incorporated into the flour. If using powder food colouring, mix in before adding the oil, and for oil-based food colouring, mix in with the vegetable oil before adding to the flour. Best to make sure there isn’t too much liquid in the mix, or the moon sand will become too sticky. The texture should be crumbly, just like sand. 

For some creative ways to use your moon sand, check out the below ideas:

  • Lay out the different coloured moon sand and let the kids use various items to play in it – consider toy tea sets, measuring spoons, cookie cutters, plastic cups. 

  • Bring the beach to your house by building moon sandcastles

  • Learn how to mix colours – combine different coloured moon sand and watch the colours change and mould together. 

  • Create an outer space theme, by adding foil ‘meteors’, silver glitter in the mix and any other appropriate toys you may have at home. 

  • Treasure Hunt – bury small items within your moon sand and let the kids dig to discover

  • Make a construction site, using blocks for building sand toy tractors, cars or trucks

  • Press your hands or feet into the sand and make your own hand or foot print

Moon sand is a great way to help to build imagination, learn about colours and is a whole lot of fun!

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