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CS Square
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CS Square, located in Caroline Springs, serves as Melton East's premium convenience Shopping Centre.

It features over 75 quality retailers including big-name brands Target, Coles, Woolworths, ALDI, Priceline and The Reject Shop and retains its focus on connecting with customers and the community.
In March 2019, a $45 million upgrade saw a 6500 square metre extension to CS Square’s retail space and the addition of 11 retailers. Among the new stores are Woolworths, Priceline, The Reject Shop, Star Car Wash and services like dental and optometry. More than 2,500 solar panels have been installed to power the Centre’s common areas, generating enough electricity to power approximately 110 homes. CS Square achieved a 4 star green star Design & As Built rating based on the Centre’s sustainability performance across energy and water efficiencies, design, liveability, environmental quality and innovation. An additional 240 car spaces have been added, bringing the total number of parking spaces to 1175, of which 108 feature shade sails.
Transport links with regular bus connections will service CS Square for the main trade area as well as local train stations located close to the Shopping Centre.

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