October 12, 2021

Meet Adrian from Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses

Say “hello" to Adrian from Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses, your local master barista and go-to-guy for everything savoury and sweet.

Adrian has been brewing coffees and serving delicious delights for over seven years here at CS Square. From stock ordering and training staff, through to memorising your coffee orders, you’ll see Adrian doing it all when you visit Ferguson Plarre out the front of the Food Court. But none of this would be possible without the help of his incredible team and of course, his amazing wife, Man. “I love working alongside my wife because we complement each other really well” says Adrian. “I can focus on the day-to-day tasks whilst she manages the admin side of things and uses her keen eye for detail on creating our colourful displays at the store”.

Before joining the CS Square community, Adrian worked in various roles including graphic design and delivery driving but soon decided it was time for a change. Adrian loves food and he knew that he wanted to work on a franchise that he could be passionate about. “After researching several options, I knew that Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses was the right choice. I’ve always loved their food but what stood out to me more was their amazing reputation and 100+ year long history of baking”.

At Adrian’s store, you’ll find everything from colourful sweet treats such as doughnuts and cakes through to tried and true classics like pies and tiddly oggies. When asked about his favourite snack, Adrian exclaimed “it’s got to be the sausage roll and the mini oggy but if I’m feeling cheeky, I can’t resist having a B­oston bun – all to myself of course”!

When Adrian and his wife aren’t working at the store, they love spending time with their two beautiful children; Emma and Eli. They all share a love for Italian food and baking, so days at home are always filled with trying new recipes.

So the next time you’re at CS Square, craving a great coffee and a delicious snack, be sure to visit Adrian at Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses; located at the front of the Food Court and say “hello”.

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