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Boost X Indigiearth

Talk about an iconic collaboration!
Boost are proud to be partnering with Sharon Winsor of Indigiearth to deliver 3new exciting flavours that feature Indigenous Australian fruits and botanicals.

Finger Lime – a flavourful combination of creamy mango witha hint of citrus goodness.
Finger lime, mango, tropical juice, mango yoghurt, vanilla yoghurt &ice 

Strawberry Gum – a beautifuland unique strawberry medley.
Strawberry gum, strawberries, apple juice, strawberry yoghurt, sorbert &ice 

And Davidson Plum – a perfect fruity balance of sweet vs sour.
Davidson plum, pink dragon fruit, raspberries, mango nectar, strawberry yoghurt& ice


Head into stores now to try these delicious flavours andexperience the incredible artwork designed by Ryhia Dank of Nardurna.

To learn more information, please see below: 

Boost X Indigiearth campaign, please click here (

Indigiearth, please click here (

Nardurna, please click here (

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