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Go Easy, Melon Squeezy

When the post-Christmas slump hits and you want to do less. 

When it’s 30-something degrees out and you want to do less. 

When you want to do the absolute bare minimum. 

Be like Watermelon this January. Refreshing, juicy, satisfying without even trying.  


Sit back and sip on our three new watermelon drinks:

• Melon Out – Freshly juiced watermelon, guava nectar,strawberries, strawberry yoghurt, sorbet & ice

• Water-Mellow Mango – Freshly juiced watermelon, mango, mangoyoghurt, frozen coconut cream & ice

• Chillin’ Melon Crush (Vegan) - Freshly juiced watermelon,lychees, raspberries, tropical juice, sorbet & ice

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